Give $10, Get $10

Yes, the rumours are true...

When you refer a friend (and they make a purchase), you get $10 and they get $10 off their first order of any Earth and Moon products. So let’s spread the love! Refer as many friends as you want and stack credits to earn free products!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about referring people

What is the referral program?

Our referral program is a way for you to spread the love! If you refer a friend, they get $10 to spend on any Earth and Moon product. If they make a purchase, you also get $10 in credits. You can stack as many credits as you want and use them to get free products! To get started, sign up above, or login to your account. Share your unique referral link directly or through email, SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook!

Where can I see how many credits I’ve earned?

You can view your earned, pending, and redeemed credits by visiting the Referral Dashboard tab on your account page

Is there a limit to how many credits I can earn?

Yes. You can earn up to $500 in Earth and Moon credit by referring up to 50 friends. After that, your friends who are new customers will keep receiving $10 promo codes but you will not accrue anymore credits on your account.

What does stackable credits mean?

For every new customer you refer, you will earn $10 in credit that can be used on any product at This means if you refer 3 new customers, you can spend that $30 on one pair product, or split it across however many orders you’d like until it’s all spent.

How many credits do I earn with each referral?

With each referral, you earn ten credits, which is the equivalent of $10! One credit = $1.

Can credits be converted to another currency?

No, the credits are calculated in USD and can’t be converted to other currencies

Can I stack credits and codes?

You can stack unlimited referral credits and can use up to one promo code per order.

Do I need an account to use the referral program?

If you want to refer people, you do need an account. You can create one by clicking the link below or login to your account at the top of the page.

Can I refer anybody?

You can only refer new customers

Can I use my credits immediately?

If you’re referring others, your credits will be unlocked in one week, as long as whoever you referred has not cancelled their order.

What happens if my referral cancels their order?

If your referral cancels their order, unfortunately, you won’t receive the $10 credit.

Can I choose how many credits I want to apply to my order?

Yep! At checkout, you can decide how many credits you want to apply to your order. You can apply them all at once or just use some of them and save the rest for later.

Can I use the credits on any Earth and Moon products?

Yes! Credits can be used on any of our products purchase from our website.

Do my credits ever expire?

No, they don’t.

Can I stack my referral credits with discount codes or gift cards?

You can stack your referral credits with up to one discount code and an unlimited amount of gift cards.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

No, you can refer as many people as you want, so refer away!

Is the referral program available in every country?

Customers can refer and be referred only in The USA, so if you reside outside of the USA, you can't refer or be referred. We're sorry about the inconvenience!

Questions about being referred

Do I need an account to use the referral program?

If you’re being referred, you don’t need an account (but we encourage creating one so you can start referring and earning credits toward more pairs!).

If I’m being referred, can I stack that code with other discount codes or gift cards?

Stackable credits only apply to people doing the referring. If you are on the receiving end of a referral, your code is not stackable with other promo codes.

Can I use my credits immediately?

If you’re a new customer being referred, you can use your referral code immediately to get $10 off on your first order.

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