Why is grounding important for health?
Grounding restores our natural and vital connection to the Earth’s energy, with which our modern day living interferes. It promotes several health benefits, including pain relief, better immune function, deeper sleep, rebalancing biological rhythms, reducing chronic inflammation, and protecting your body from the harmful effects of EMF.*
How long will this grounding mat last?
This mat will last many years provided you take proper care of it as outlined in the included instructions. We recommended occasionally using a conductivity tester to check its surface conductivity and ensure there’s no internal damage.
How should I clean it?
We recommend using a simple, natural, additives-free liquid dish soap and warm water to hand-wash your mat every couple of weeks if you use it every day. Do not put in the washing machine or dishwasher.
How can I use my mat?
Use this highly versatile mat during any activity which allows you to keep your bare feet flat on the floor. Working at a desk, standing in the kitchen or workshop, or anywhere you choose to relax.
Can I sleep directly on the mat?
Absolutely, though you might prefer to cover your mat with a bedsheet. The strength of the grounding connection remains the same.
Is it safe for my pet?
You betcha! You may find your pets instinctively gravitate to your mat, so you may have to establish some sharing rules!
Should I wear something on my feet?
Don’t wear shoes as they will prevent a connection. Cotton socks and light stockings are fine, but barefoot is best.
Can I use a power bar to plug in my mat?
Yes, though we recommend using a socket tester to verify its safety and ensure it is in good working order with a strong connection.
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