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Fits in perfectly with my daily routine

The nice thing about doing Grounding with this mat is it doesn't require me to change my routine or go out of my way to try something. I just incorporate it with things I'm normally doing such as watching TV, using the computer and more.


Highly recommended for human & pets!

It's truly incredible. I have ordered one more for them so I can sleep on mine peacefully! Lol! I highly recommend for human & pet use!


There is definitely something to this

There's a different feeling standing on this mat versus standing on the floor. It's not a cushion thing either as the mat is thin. It's kind of hard to explain what you feel with grounding, but there is definitely something to this.


It was amazing how quickly I felt better.

I really do feel better and I am getting more done. I am doing more of the things I want to do, and not suffering as much. It was amazing how quickly I felt better. I don't think it is all in my mind.


My dog won't budge.

My dog has cancer and has a hard time getting comfortable and she won't budge. Will likely be buying more soon!


Get It, It Works!

The first thing I noticed was her positivity and happiness level was elevated. There has been a drastic change in her since getting the mat. I'd recommend it for yourself and loved ones.


My body feels light

I've slept with it for two nights now and have meditated on it and worked at my desk with my feet on it. It's hard to explain - but my body feels light.


Nothing short of miraculous!

I feel like a different person. I am saddened that this product doesn't seem to work for everybody based on some of the reviews left here but it is certainly worth a try. The results for me have been nothing short of miraculous!


I absolutely love this!

I use this grounding mat for meditation. I feel it helps me focus, achieve more calmness and get more out of my sessions. I will even use this while sitting and working, resting my feet on it. Definitely helps me to let work irritations go more quickly.


Excellent Quality

The mat comes beautifully packaged in a black cardboard tube. The mat itself is good looking and the perfect size for grounding while reading in a chair. I've even used it as a covering if I've felt a nap coming! :)


Love it for work and yoga

Just so easy to use, why would you not have one of these, especially right now when we are all working from home! I am so happy I decided to give this a try even though it seems too easy to be true, I really do feel a difference in my ability to maintain equanimity, particularly off the mat when I've been using it at my desk. I also sleep on a grounding sheet.


Love this mat

Very, very easy - plug it in and put your feet or body on it. You don't know it is doing anything, but then you start to feel good - BINGO, you are grounded.


Great product

Love this mat. Easy to use and move around as needed. Grounding is good!



Very well made. I use it daily.


Excellent Quality

Work fine under my computer desk.



This is a must have and yes, the benefits compared to not having one is true, loving it!


So happy

Excellent product. This helps so much. So glad I got it.


Very good quality mat that actually works

Very good quality. Works as expected. Tested the mat for earthing and it works great. Very happy with the product.


I'm so happy. Well worth every penny.

I used it immediately, & every night. So far, so good. I'll keep using it to see what other benefits it can offer. I wish I had bought it sooner.


Nice Grounding Mat

Good grounding mat for the price. Nice to rest feet on and even sit or lay on.


Great quality product!

Love the quality and look of this grounding mat and the grounding effects are noticeable. The size is also ideal for multiple purposes including meditation and sleep.


It works for me.

This grounding mat is light weight, has an extra long cord, and seems to help.


Great customer service

Very easy to use with clear instructions in the package as well as email. One reviewer mentioned difficult directions. They must have changed, as hooking up could not be easier. Also the company is extremely responsive with any question.


Grounding mat

Good job......great gadget.


Works great

Works great on your bed or on the floor.


Great Product

Great packaging, easy to set up and use.



Great product! Comforting to know I am protecting mine and my family's overall wellbeing with this grounding mat!


Fantastic Grounding Mat

This grounding tool is perfect to use for my reiki clients!


Great product!

Great product, would buy again


Immediate Grounding Sensation!

Noticed the effects immediately! The sheet was just an awkward size for what I was using it for.


Great Mat for grounding while I work!

I love this earth grounding Mat, it's under my desk while I work at my computer while placing my feed on this Mat. It works excellent!


It's a Keeper!

Perfect size to sit on and meditate.


It works!

I purchased this mat to encourage all the benefits of earthing. However I really did not expect it to work. But it did! I place it on the bed under the area where my calves and feet lay.


Nice quality!

I love this mat!! It's affordable, nice quality and simple. I use it when I'm feeling wonky and need to get my ground on.


Great add on for services!

I purchased 2 of these. One for massage table, the other for pedicures. Clients can feel the grounding. Easy to clean/sanitize as well.


Makes a difference you can feel

Figuring out where and how to place it is the main question. once you get that done it becomes part of your daily life. I was using it on the first day.

N. Edwards

Great product quality

Very happy with purchase. Great quality and simple instructions.


Seems to have some effect

Seems to make a little difference in how I feel.


I recommend this item

It is of good quality and it feels so warm. It isn't thick but that is not necessary for the intended purpose. Perfectly packed. Once I layed down on it I almost instantly became more tranquil. Thank you Earth and Moon. I am so satisfied with this purchase.


Great Grounding Mat

This is an awesome grounding mat. I put it between my sheet and mattress and could feel it working immediately. My body is much happier today!


Worth the money!

The best grounding mat on the market! I would definitely buy again.



Great product!


It truly works.

I feel so much better after grounding on this comfortable mat!


Perfect size - great quality

This earthing mat was exactly what I was looking for. Incredible quality and great color to blend in with surroundings. Really glad I found this!


Very happy with productI love it.

I am going to order the one for my bed. And the twin side for my son bed.


Love it!

Freaking love this mat. When I'm on it I don't wanna step off.


Works for me!

Really enjoy this product.

Cass L

Yes buy!!!! Amazing product

Absolutely love this. I was kind of skeptical but after 20 minutes I could tell immediate effects. After sleeping on it, I woke up feeling amazing!!!!! Highly highly recommend 10/10.


It works

In just five days my life is starting to get better. This mat is a miracle, i just bought a second one for my mother.


Better than I expected

Great buy.

Savvy Traveler

Try it and see for yourself

I bought this for my boyfriend and he said it made a difference for him.



My husband is using this in conjunction with grounding outside 90 min per day! He sees positive effects.



I love it. I sleep on it.


Great earthing product

Placed in clinic on massage table. Grounding the clients!


Awesome for yoga & meditation

I used this as both a yoga mat and to meditate. It is great.


A great way to get grounded!

This mat has been great to help me feel more balanced and centered, especially working from home in the Boston winter. I usually place it under the desk or table where I work and I let it do it's magic. I highly recommend it!

Lourdes S
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Are you always on

Do you feel stressed out or depleted most days? That’s a sign that you’re imbalanced and disconnected from the natural world.

Everyday life can feel a bit clinical, leaving you weak, scattered, anxious, and uncentered. That’s no way to live. Your body needs more time in nature, and direct contact with the Earth’s current is an ideal way to recharge. But it’s hard to find time to do this.

An Earth and Moon Grounding Mat is a simple but powerful way to connect to the Earth when you can't be outside in nature. Incorporate the practice of grounding into your everyday life, without changing your routine.

Who Can Benefit From Grounding:
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Pets


Frequently Asked Questions

What is grounding?

Grounding, also known as earthing, is when humans make an electrical connection to the earth’s surface electrons. The simplest form involves walking barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand or swimming in the ocean.

How long will this grounding mat last?

This mat will last many years provided you take proper care of it as outlined in the included instructions. We recommended occasionally using a conductivity tester to check its surface conductivity and ensure there’s no internal damage.

How should I clean it?

We recommend using a simple, natural, additives-free liquid dish soap and warm water to hand-wash your mat every couple of weeks if you use it every day. Do not put in the washing machine or dishwasher.

How can I use my mat?

Use this highly versatile mat during any activity which allows you to keep your bare feet in direct contact with the mat. Working at a desk, standing in the kitchen or workshop, or anywhere you choose to relax or even sleep.

Can I sleep directly on the mat?

Absolutely, though you might prefer to cover your mat with a bedsheet. The strength of the grounding connection remains the same.

Is it safe for my pet?

You betcha! You may find your pets instinctively gravitate to your mat, so you may have to establish some sharing rules!

Should I wear something on my feet?

Don’t wear shoes as they will prevent a connection. Cotton socks and light stockings are fine, but barefoot is best.

Can I use a power bar to plug in my mat?

Yes, though we recommend using a socket tester to verify its safety and ensure it is in good working order with a strong connection.

Can I use this mat outside of the USA?

Yes, but you will need to purchase an adaptor because ours is built for USA wall sockets only.

Disclaimer: Statements regarding our wellness products have not been evaluated by any regulatory authority. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Please consult with a healthcare professional before using our products, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns.

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