How to Safely Install Electrical Grounding Mats

Reconnecting with the earth brings some positive effects on the human body. It allows your body to manage better stress, anxiety, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.
However, it is not practical to sleep directly on the earth, but thanks to earthing grounding mat, you can recreate the connection while staying comfortable.
This blog post provides step-by-step instructions on how to install a grounding mat and reap the maximum benefits.

Steps to Install your Grounding Yoga Mat
A grounding mat is made of non-toxic, soft, and durable leatherette (Eco-conscious synthetic polyurethane) that is highly conductive and comfortable.
The mat connects you to the ground through 2 earthing wires supplied with it.

Here are the steps to install the mat.

Step 1 - Check the outlet for grounding
To use your earthing grounding mat efficiently, connect it to the ground port of a three-prong outlet. However, before plugging in, ensure that the outlet is grounded. When you order the mat, you get an outlet checker that helps you know whether the outlet is grounded.
Plug the checker into the port, and if two amber lights illuminate, you have a proper ground and are ready to connect your earthing mat.
However, if there is another light combination, it means your outlet is not grounded. So, test another outlet or consult an electrician.
Also, remember to read the instruction manual supplied with your earthing mat kit.

Step 2 - Set up the grounding mat
Place your mat in a position that best suits your need. Insert one cord end into the ground port of the grounded wall outlet and the other onto the mat. The circuit is complete, and the grounding mat is ready to use.

Step 3 - Test the connection
Once you have set up the mat, it is good to test it using an earthing continuity tester to know if it is working correctly.
Place the tester on the grounded yoga mat and plug the cord into the outlet. A green light indicates that it is working fine, and no green light means that your earthing mat may have lost its conductivity.
Check the mat and cord regularly to ensure you are connected.

Step 4 - Wash and care for your earthing mat
You must wash your earthing mat to keep it clean.
As your body is in direct contact with the mat, sweat and natural skin oils get all over it, making it less conductive. So, it is essential to keep it clean.
Wash with warm water and dry in a dryer on low or line dry.

  • Things to remember when cleaning your earthing mat:
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
  • Do not use whitening detergents or detergents with oils.
  • When you use the mat, do not apply lotions or body oils.

Body oils and lotions can affect the product's conductivity and function, and fabric softeners ruin the conductive properties of the mat.
If you want to apply a lotion, please wait an hour to use the grounding yoga mat.

Follow the steps above to install your earthing mat and reap all the benefits. If you do not have an earthing grounding mat, visit Earth + Moon today to shop.

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